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Tropical cyclone exposure is associated with increased hospitalization rates in older adults, Nature Communications, 2021

Research Spotlight, NIEHS Global Environmental Health Newsletter, June 2021
Hospitalization following extreme weather, opportunities for resilience, NIEHS papers of the month, May 2021
Tropical Cyclones Linked to Rise in Hospitalizations of Older Adults, State of the Planet, March 2021

Magnitude, demographics and dynamics of the effect of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic on all-cause mortality in 21 industrialized countries, Nature Medicine, 2020

UK, Italy, Spain had high ‘excess deaths’ in first pandemic wave, study finds, Reuters, October 2020
Study: Health systems, govt responses linked to virus tolls, Associated Press, October 2020
Study finds health systems, government responses linked to virus tolls, PBS, October 2020
Study: Health systems, govt responses linked to virus tolls, Washington Post, October 2020
Covid-19: England and Wales among highest per capita death tolls, The Guardian, October 2020
England & Wales had most excess deaths in Europe’s covid-19 first wave, New Scientist, October 2020
Men and women equally at risk from coronavirus, study finds, The Times, October 2020
Live TV discussion of results with Kay Burley, Sky News, October 2020
Study: Early lockdowns prevented additional COVID-19 deaths in multiple countries, The Hill, October 2020
Coronavirus ‘excess deaths’: why England and Wales have been hardest hit in Europe – new study, The Conversation, October 2020
Spain, England and Wales top the list for coronavirus deaths in new study, Politico, October 2020
England and Wales had SECOND worst excess death toll in Europe during first wave of Covid-19 with a 37% rise in all-cause fatalities behind only Spain on 38%, Daily Mail, October 2020
COVID-19 : la France au 8ème rang parmi 21 pays industrialisés en termes de bilan de mortalité, INED, October 2020
España, el país europeo con mayor exceso de muertes durante la primera ola de la pandemia, Agencia Sinc, October 2020
ELa pandemia causó exceso de mortalidad de 20 % en 21 países, El Tiempo, October 2020

COVID-19/Coronavirus, temperature, air pollution, green space and racism 2020

Public Green Spaces: Racism, Heat, and Barriers to Access, WE ACT online blog, August 2020
Environmental Racism and COVID-19 Are a Deadly Combination, Bitch Media, August 2020
Mention of results from England and Wales COVID-19 paper in UK parliament, UK Parliament, June 2020
Aural Vignettes to Help Keep Me Together, KnowScience , April 2020
Pod of the Planet: Ep.5 Look After Yourself, Pod of the Planet, April 2020
Air pollution plummeting worldwide, Accuweather, April 2020

Anomalously warm temperatures are associated with increased injury deaths, Nature Medicine, 2020

Climate Changes Temps and Deaths, Public Health Post, April 2020
Climate crisis likely to increase violent deaths of young people - report, The Guardian, January 2020
Injuries and Deaths Could Rise with Climate Change in the U.S., a New Study Finds, TIME, January 2020
Climate-Change Related Injuries Will Kill Thousands in the US, New Scientist, January 2020
Climate Change Could Lead to More Injuries and Deaths, The Verge, January 2020
Climate change could kill thousands of Americans each year, Daily Mail, January 2020
Rising temps could cause as many as 2,100 fatal injuries per year, Breitbart, January 2020
How climate change could change the way we die, Anthropocene, January 2020
Hotter temperatures will mean more deaths from injury, The Conversation, January 2020
Rising temperatures could increase injury deaths by 2,000 a year: study, Smart Cities Dive, January 2020
Climate Change May Translate Into More Fatal Injuries, HealthDay, January 2020
Warmer temperatures linked to increase in US injury deaths, study says, CNN, January 2020
The Heat is On: rise in violence as planet warms, Daily Star, January 2020

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Climate and mental health, 2020

Climate on the brain: climate breakdown and mental health, The Compassionate Conversationist, March 2020

Green New Deal, 2020

Bernie Sanders: More than 55 scientists sign letter supporting the Green New Deal

Rising temperatures and heat deaths, 2020

Climate casualties rising with temperatures, The Center for Public Integrity, June 2020

Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) interview, 2018

I am Robbie Parks, a PhD student looking into how climate change and extreme weather may be influencing the trends in mortality rates from year to year. AMA.

VICE Magazine print issue

Pet Hates: Is your cat costing the Earth?, June 2015